Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machine „Sammic“ CA-31

Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machine „Sammic“ CA-31

Sammic CA-31 Vegetable Slicer

„Sammic“ CA-31 Vegetable Slicer Technical Specifications

Production Capacityup to 450 kg/hr
External Dimensions (WxDxH)389 x 405 x 544 mm
Critical Dimensions (WxDxH)435 x 430 x 600 mm
Power550 W 1F 230 V or 3F 400V 370 W
Motor Speed365 rpm
Noise Level (1 m)70 dB(A)
Background Noise32 dB(A)
Inlet Aperture Dimensions136 cm²
Disc Diameter205 mm
Net Weight21 kg
Country of ManufactureMade in Spain

The speed of 365 revolutions per minute ensures a uniform and precise cut, which, together with a wide hopper, guarantees high production capacity up to 450 kg/hr.
Features include a one-speed motor block and universal hopper, electronic, convenient, waterproof control panel.
Side discharge of products reduces the space required and minimizes the scattering of products. Products are directed to avoid spillage.
Ergonomic design: the product is sliced/chopped/minced with a single motion of the hand.
Operating with a hand lever in the slicer handle system minimizes fatigue impact on the elbow and wrist.
Easily removable cover and head
Easy to clean: easily removable lever and cover for cleaning. Rounded edges provide maximum easy access to food products.
NSF-International certified device (complying with hygiene, cleaning, and food material safety standards)

Quality, productivity, ergonomics.
This professional vegetable preparation machine boasts a capacity of up to 450 kg per hour. New manufacturing technology ensures a uniform, high-quality cutting result. Sammic commercial vegetable preparation machines are made from stainless steel and materials suitable for food contact, ensuring safety and durability.
Various motor blocks and accessories are available to meet every user's needs. A ventilated motor ensures continuous and efficient operation. All models offer a reliable design, are easy to control and clean, and include a waterproof, convenient control panel.
Sammic vegetable preparation machines can be equipped with high-quality Ø 205 mm discs, offering more than 70 different cutting styles. Discs are not included in the package and can be purchased separately.
The new production technology allows for an even more uniform cut, and high-quality discs ensure excellent results. Reduced cutting effort reduces the amount of liquid released.
The new Sammic vegetable preparation machines are designed with a focus on ergonomics and optimizing workflow in commercial kitchens.

For over 50 years, Sammic has been designing and manufacturing high-quality food preparation equipment in the Basque Country of Spain.
Since 1961, Sammic has supplied the market with vegetable preparation machines, vertical mixers, and emulsifiers, adapting to the needs of various generations.
The Sammic research and development department, in collaboration with our partner chefs from around the world and particularly with three-Michelin-starred chef Martin Berasategui, continuously strives to improve food preparation equipment from all possible perspectives.

It has been some time since we introduced the new generation of Sammic vegetable preparation machines.
The goal of this project was to improve cutting quality - especially considering very small pieces - increase the range of products, and maintain our equipment as ergonomic, easy to use, and as hygienic as possible.
Now, our three main vegetable preparation machines feature:
High durability and efficiency, with stainless steel and aluminum construction.
The best cutting quality on the market, especially for soft products.
Capable of serving up to 700 servings per day, ideal for intensive use.
Side discharge ideally suits narrow spaces.
Allows a natural workflow from left to right.
A single hand motion process with a handle roller reduces fatigue on the elbow and wrist.
Intuitive, waterproof front panel with LED lighting.
Easy to clean and use.
Meets the highest safety system standards.
NSF certified, ensuring hygiene and safety standards.

Vegetable slicing video

Hourly production: 150 kg - 450 kg
Electric connection
Power in watts (W): 0.55 kW
Voltage in volts (V): 230 V 1F
Inlet opening: 136 cm²
Disc diameter Ø 205 mm
Motor speed (rpm): 365 rpm
Noise level
Noise level (1m.): <70 dB(A)
Background noise: 32 dB(A)
External Dimensions (width/depth/height): 389x405x544 mm
Package dimensions (width/depth/height): 435x430x600 mm
Package volume: 0.11 m³
Net Weight: 21 kg

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    Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machine „Sammic“ CA-31

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